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Presidium Fungicide

  • Highly effective foliar, stem and tuber blight control

  • Sound anti-resistance profile with protectant and translaminar activity

  • Flexible control within the programme

  • Prevents Zoospore production

Application timing for Presidium

With an effect on the blight fungus at all stages in its lifecycle, Presidium can be used from early-mid season up to and including full canopy. Use a maximum of three consecutive applications.

Presidium Timing

About Presidium

Presidium is a suspension concentrate containing 180 g/l zoxamide + 180 g/l dimethomorph
Crops: All varieties of Potato
Target: Potato Leaf Blight (Phytopthera infestans)
Timing: Preventativley as part of a late blight control programme from when crops meet along the rows
Dose rate: 1.0 Lt/ha
Water rate: 200-600 Lt water/ha
Spray quality: MEDIUM
Spray intervals: 7 or 10 days, depending on risk
Maximum number of treatments: 5 per crop
Latest time of Application: 7 days before harvest
Buffer zone: 7 meter aquatic
Pack size: 5 Litres

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