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Avadex Factor

Avadex Factor

A key residual herbicide

for use as a part of a programme targeting grass-weeds

• Winter and Spring Wheat and Barley

• EAMUs: Winter and Spring Linseed, Canary Seed and Ahiflower (corn gromwell)


The Basis of Grass Weed Control

Avadex Factor is a residual herbicide containing tri-allate, formulated as a 450 g/L CS, providing an effective addition to grass-weed control strategies. Applied as part of the pre-emergence programme, Avadex Factor will add to the control level of all key grass-weeds including black-grass, Italian rye-grass, wild-oats, bromes and annual meadow grass.


Best Practice

Apply 3.6 L/ha in a water volume of 200-300 L/ha.

Buffer zone: 6m aquatic with DRT nozzles.

Only apply as part of a pre-emergence programme.

Make sure wheat is drilled 4 cm deep.

Do not apply in very dry conditions; for optimum activity application should be delayed until more favourable soil moisture conditions occur.

Do not sow oats within a year or grass crops within 8 months of applying Avadex Factor.

Avadex Factor Best Use

A Key Role in resistance management

Herbicide resistance is a serious challenge to successful grass weed management. Avadex Factor provides a flexible option for inclusion in grass-weed management strategies. It brings a different mode of action, which is essential to protect many of the newer herbicide options and maximize weed control.


Seed beds and Soil types

Apply to soils containing less than 10% organic matter.

Apply to well prepared consolidated, moist seedbeds.