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Avadex Excel 15G Herbicide

Avadex Excel 15G

A Highly Effective Residual Herbicide

The cornerstone of your grass-weed control programme


• Winter and Spring Wheat and Barley

• EAMUs: Rye, Triticale, Winter and Spring Linseed, Canary Seed, Miscanthus and Nursery Fruit


The Cornerstone

Applied pre-emergence Avadex Excel 15G will add to the control level of all key grass-weeds including black-grass, Italian rye-grass, wild-oats, bromes and annual meadow grass.


A Key Role in Resistance Management

Herbicide resistance is a serious challenge to successful grass-weed management. Avadex Excel 15G is the cornerstone in a grass weed herbicide programme. It brings a different mode of action, which is essential to protect many of the newer herbicide options and maximize weed control.


Best Practice

Apply at 15 kg/ha in all authorized crops, winter or spring.

Make sure wheat is drilled 4cm deep.

Do not apply in strong winds as this can disrupt the spread pattern.

Do not sow oats or grass within one year of applying Avadex Excel 15G.

Buffer zone: 10m aquatic from the top of the bank of static or flowing water body. 1m from the top of a ditch that is dry at the time of application.


Applicator Guidance

Check, monitor and maintain applicator pipe work and deflector plates. Calibrate regularly, at least at the start of each season. Operate at appropriate speeds as defined in individual manufacturer’s recommendations. DO NOT use spinning disc applicators. 

A list of contractors can be found here

Order your dummy granules to help with calibration here

Seed beds and Soil types

Apply to soils containing less than 10% organic matter.

Whilst being one of the more robust products in dry conditions, some moisture is required for the activation of Avadex Excel 15G.

Apply to well prepared consolidated, moist seedbeds.


Best Practices

Mode of Action

Black Grass Control

Use with Omex Suspension Fertiliser

Application Equipment