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Application Equipment Manufacturer's

This list is for information only and responsibility for accuracy of application lies with the relevant operator. See the websites of the companies referred to for calibration details.

• Horstine Farmery
• For further information contact: Tech. Department Tel. 01427 838383

• For further information contact: Tech. Department Tel. 01423 324221

• Opico Ltd
• For further information contact: Tech. Department Tel. 01778 421111

• Stocks Ag
• For further information contact: Applicator Sales Tel .01945 464909

• Techneat Engineering
• For further information contact: Tech. Department Tel. 01353 862044

Application equipment calibration

Ensure the applicator is set up and calibrated regularly according to manufacturer instructions.

It is recommended that any equipment used has passed an NSTS (National Sprayer Testing Scheme) test in order to maximise the accuracy of the pesticide application and to ensure the product is being used in a manner that is safe to the environment and the operator.

It is recommended that application machines are checked for the evenness of distribution across the width of application and the output of individual metering units. Using dummy Avadex granules are best for this and can be ordered here

Do not use spinning-disc applicators
Tel: 01733 207606


Application with Omex suspension fertiliser

Avadex Excel 15G can only be applied with Omex suspension fertilisers. Under no circumstances should Avadex Excel be applied in solution fertilisers or suspension fertilisers from other manufacturers. See Omex page>>